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16 years of

experience across

independent, iconic and global brands


& projects

about me

Georgi Simpkin

Global Marketing Consultant

I’ve travelled the world, learned from some great people and honed my craft on some fabulous international brands. I have recent sector experience in FMCG (Unilever); Government (Cambodian National Social Security Fund); NGO (USAID, CDC, AIHA); Corporate (BRED Bank Cambodia, ISI GROUP); Lifestyle (VIBE Café Asia, Treeline Urban Resort).

My global experience includes Europe, the Americas and Asia (Cambodia, Singapore, China, India, Pakistan, Thailand and Indonesia). This local market knowledge means I’m able to understand how to work with teams on the ground to create strong branding and communications materials for my clients.

I have worked in big agencies, I’ve done my fair share client side for corporates over the years as well as smaller, independent companies and brands. A little older and a little wiser (allegedly) I have come to understand the importance of working with brands, organisations and people that share my values. Outside of consulting you’ll find me down the beach surfing, on my mat meditating or in the kitchen cooking with a glass of wine.


Georgi Simpkin - Global Marketing Consultant

Work with me




Exposure to big brand thinking with some of today’s most iconic and successful global brands (LUX, Dove, Unilever Food Solutions) informed my approach to brand development.


Most recently, I’ve led a complete brand re-positioning for a French banking group in Cambodia. I’ve coordinated their planning, consumer research, workshops and testing to deliver a robust brand strategy that’s transformed their positioning in an emerging market. I can do the same for you. From ambitious European banks to luxury hotels to up-and-coming plant-based café chains – I apply the same international marketing rigour.


 & strategy  

You’ll always find me up front in the branding and communications process. I excel on defining the ‘why’, the ‘what’ and the ‘who cares’ – painstakingly evaluating the evidence to support each brand claim.


I make it my mission to make sense of it all while building a deep understanding of who the brand is speaking to and how we can connect to our target audience. I’m a natural planner. I understand how to distil large amounts of complex information into a sharp, simple strategy that can then inform an achievable action plan.


 & emerging 



I’ve lived and worked in arguably Asia’s most developed market (Singapore) as well as its fastest-growing (Cambodia). I’ve worked centrally as part of a global communications team to deliver strategies, campaigns and toolkits for local market implementation and been on the other side, working in-market.

This has given me invaluable insights into consumer behaviours, business landscapes and cultural nuances and provided me with a clear sense of what works and what doesn’t.





I’ve led teams on both sides of the fence - client + agency. I’ve worked on the ground and remotely. Whether it is short-term, fixed-term or part-time, I can lead teams to deliver on the strategy and plan. I also have experience of managing budgets, engaging internal stakeholders from shop floor to C-Suite and motivating, supporting and helping teams to deliver their best work.


I am good at enabling, driving and delivering work on time and on budget while creating a positive environment for my team. I push for the best and inspire my team to deliver their best in a kind, light-hearted and positive way. 

 Working as 

 part of an 


 or client team 

My experience and familiarity of working with inter-agency teams means I can navigate, understand and clearly deliver my contribution to the project.


On client side, I’m used to working with internal stakeholders from different companies and subsidiaries or internal divisions to deliver complex projects that require high levels of planning.


In emerging markets, this can be particularly challenging and requires patience, determination and deft problem-solving skills.




BRED Bank Cambodia
Unilever Food Solutions
Paddle Pop
Bakong Village
Treeline Urban Resort
UN Women
Amstel Bier
ISI Group



Kate Heuisler
Chief of Party

Having worked as Chief of Party for many years, I know what makes a great consultant. Georgi is one of them. She joined the team to develop a blog series detailing the stories of some of our most innovative young partners from civil society in Cambodia. The series was extremely successful with the public and our client. Georgi also stepped in to work with me and the team to deliver our final program report, and worked quickly and collaboratively under intense time pressures. I would highly recommend Georgi.

BRED Bank Cambodia

Mary Nagle
Head of Marketing & Communications

Working with Georgi is a joy. Her laser sharp focus on developing communications strategies is underpinned by her deep understanding of brand strategy. Her communications plans are clearly articulated, and allow for seamless implementation. Georgi works with an air of calm and solution solving to any situation and ultimately delivers great work every time.

Boost Capital

Lucinda Revell


It was a pleasure to work with Georgi. Her work quality was consistently excellent, she can work independently and proactively, and she is extremely organized in setting goals and project schedules. She’s gone through many multi-hour meetings getting buy-in on projects from people who started the meeting not interested in anything related to communications, but who ended the meetings enthusiastically supporting her plans. Georgi handles competing client demands and high-pressure situations with aplomb!

MullenLowe SALT

Marianne Blamire

Global Chief Strategy Officer

Georgi excels at establishing global PR infrastructures that drive brand consistency across multiple markets, turning complexity (and chaos!) into a well-oiled machine.

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